The production and marketing of the oil-less air pump, a combination of the world’s top pneumatic technology and gas separation technology

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Pneumatic fields

Small air compressor - Oil-free operation
- Generates low noise and vibration because of smooth fabrication
- Small-sized, lightweight, has a long life span, and has high performance
- Used plastic parts with aluminum-based precision casting and engineering
- Used Teflon piston rings
- Adjustable head
Constant pressure controller - Small-sized, and generates low noise and vibration
- Simple operation
- Efficient power consumption
- Oil-free operation
Skin care device - Aerodynamic design
- Oil-free operation
- Small-sized, and generates low noise and vibration
- Automatic pressure control and alignment device

Gas separation fields

Various nitrogen generators

This membrane-type N2 generator separates nitrogen from air. The costs of its initial installation and maintenance are more affordable than those of the liquid nitrogen/PSA method. Moreover, it can be customized depending on the customers’ needs.
- RoHS-certified Pb-free soldering
- Equipped with a flowmeter
- Compact and convenient design suitable for a limited space
- Membrane-type air separation module
- Lightweight, generates low noise, and comes in reasonable prices
- Prefiltering of oxygen
- Easy driving system

Various nitrogen generators