The production and marketing of the oil-less air pump, a combination of the world’s top pneumatic technology and gas separation technology

Oil-less Air Pump

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  • Oil-free, non-lubricated piston and cylinder, and a module with a semipermanent life
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Small and lightweight
  • A long life cycle with high efficiency
  • Adjustable head position
  • Teflon piston ring
  • Viton valve
  • Aluminum-based die casting with PBT and PPS


  • Nebulizers, ink cartridge chargers, suction units
  • endoscope cleaners, interference wave curers, ozonizers
  • oxygen concentrators, pneumatic massagers, dental equipment
  • medical equipment in ENT
  • skin care devices, etc.


Motor Type DC 12V
Motor Speed (RPM) 3300 ~ 3600
Head Configuration Vacuum
Ambient Temp (℃) 0 ~ 40
Inlet, outlet Diameter I.D Ø4 × O.D Ø8
Insulation Class B
Weight (Kg) 0.9
Specification Free Flow (ℓ/min) Max. Vacuum (-mmHg)
Max. Pressure (kgf/cm2)
Electrical Rated Load Thermal Protector Dimensions (mm)
Amp Watt
9 (±1.0) 510 (±20) 2 24 Auto Reset at 135℃ 128(L) × 126(H) × 76(W)