The production and marketing of the oil-less air pump, a combination of the world’s top pneumatic technology and gas separation technology


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  • 09 Completed a new factory in Saam-ri, Chuncheon-si
  • 05 Selected in the Export Competence Increase Project by the Small and Medium Business Administration
  • 04 Signed a contract worth about EUR 900,000 of pump export with the Italian company Vinservice


  • 11 Applied for patents (for the pneumatic aroma diffuser and the compressor noise reduction method)
  • 10 Selected in the Small Business A/S Center Support Project
  • 04 Began to export the skin care device and the small compressor


  • 07 Selected in the Startup Growth–Medical Examination Technology Development Project (SMBA)
  • 07 Selected in the Brand Development Support Project (Gangwon-do Business Agency)
  • 05 Selected as a Global Youth Startup Business (Small Business Corporation)


  • 11 Selected in the Project for Pre-technology Entrepreneurs (Gangwon-do Business Agency)
  • 10 Selected as a Youth Startup Firm (Small Business Corporation)
  • 09 Founded a corporation